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BlackBerry Out of Memory Error Fix

BlackBerry Smartphones “Out of Memory Error” and Fix

If your BlackBerry Device display message “Out of Memory error”, it maybe caused by too many calendar or address book entries. Or it may also be caused by too many third-party applications on your BlackBerry Handheld.

You can try these ways to resolve ” Out of Memory errors “:

* Keep only essential contacts in your address book.

* Restrict the information transferred from your desktop to your handheld during synchronization of your address books by configuring the field mapping.

* Restrict the number of appointments transferred to the calendar on your BlackBerry Handheld during synchronization by setting a date range.

* Use the Application Loader on the BlackBerry Desktop Manager to remove any unnecessary third-party software from your BlackBerry Device.

* Delete all media files like pictures and videos from your application memory. Or you can buy a large capacity memory card for your BlackBerry Handheld to store media files.

* Another solution is to store your Applications and themes to memory card using the Aerize Card Loader Applications which can be purchased from MobiHand Appstore.

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