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BlackBerry Pearl Browser configurations and settings for 8100

When you setup setup configuarations on your BlackBerry pearl browser, you may do something wrong-now, whenever you wheel over to open the browser, it locks up (no keys, back button, etc will work) and you are forced to hit the power off button once to get the functionality back.

You should reset the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 Browser settings you had adjusted.

Cara Restart, reboot, reset, baca di:

After Changing the default browser configuration to Internet Browser, your BlackBerry pearl will work again.

From the Home screen, open the BlackBerry Pearl Browser application, open the menu, and then click Options. Click General Properties. Set the Default View field to Internet Browser. Open the menu, and then click Save.

You can also try to restore your BlackBerry to factory settings to fix this problem. from Settings> Security Options> General Settings> Click trackball for sub menu and select Wipe Handheld. This will restore your BB to factory settings. However be aware you will lose all infomation.

Cara wipe handheld, hard reset, baca di:

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